The Legacy Has Already Been Defined...

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Sep 12 20:07:04 MDT 2000

At 09:47 PM 9/12/00 +0000, Ray Thomas wrote:
> From your message:
>>"Stroke of the pen. Law of the land.  Kinda cool."
>The only problem here is that Clinton's "stroke of the pen" is NOT "the law
>of the land."

         Paul Begala said that, BTW.................

>He only treats it as if it is. Executive Orders, under the law, only apply
>to government employees and those persons on government property. They do
>not, in any way, apply to anything or anybody else.

         But, there's nobody in Congress, or the Senate will the fortitude
to call 'em on it!!!!

>But since Clinton has the guns and the storm troopers, he can use them as
>a "smokescreen" to USURP those things covered by them and no one is big
>enough to stop him.
>THAT"S how it gets to be "the law of the land."

         PRECISELY, Ray!!!!

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