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We wrote:
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> >The only problem here is that Clinton's "stroke of the pen" is NOT
> >"the law of the land." He only treats it as if it is. Executive
> >Orders, under the law, only apply to government employees and those
> >persons on government property. They do not, in any way, apply to
> >anything or anybody else.
> >
>This assessment true but misleading. By EO the president can direct
>government employees to do almost anything including create policy
>that is effectively new law. The illegal sweeps of public (HUD)
>housing for drugs and especially legal guns, in violation of the 4th
>amendment, is a perfect example. Congress has abdicated its authority
>by not providing limits on EOs. To my knowledge no EO has been
>successfully challenged in court either. Every time one is challenged
>the administration settles out of court and continues on its merry
>unconstitutional way.

If you'll examine my statement carefully you'll see that this is exactly
what I said. It's niot REALLY law, but is recognized as such and treated as
if it is. Having never been challenged successfully, it will continue to be
treated as if it were "the law of the land."

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