Smear or Enlightenment

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Thu Sep 14 15:05:10 MDT 2000

>finance reform, a near total lie as far as I can tell.  A smear tactic, by
>definition is an attempt to destroy the reputation of or vilify.  It
>assumes the person is reputable in the first place.

I don't believe it makes that assumption at all.  And truthful or not, I
believe it is a step down the slippery slope to a campaign resembling
Dianne Feinstein and Michael Huffington.  Also, truthful or not, I do not
believe the voting public will look at it objectively.  The voting public
will see it as smear and personal attack, and I believe it will sour many
who may be on the fence.

>levels; and then repeatedly lied about it.  To say this should not enter
>into a campaign is to basically allow corruption to run politics and
>government (which it already does).

You are right.  Corruption does indeed run politics.

Stephen Frye

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