Allies against Jessie

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Mon Sep 18 21:02:57 MDT 2000

I just lucked into this one.  I dont need another list at this time but
it could help the right people find affirmation of their beleifs when
they are being bombarded with pro-slavery leftist ideas.  CWSIV
I'm Black, and I'm Right!  Are you tired of the same old song from the
same old left-wing suspects?  Do the "leaders" of today get on your
nerves with their incessant screeching about "affirmative action" (i.e.,
quotas) and "tax cuts for the rich"?  Do you grit your teeth every time
your hear that Republicans are nothing but "Klansmen in Brooks Brothers
suits?"  Then this is the place for you.  Black Republicans are one of
the fastest growing groups in the American political spectrum.  But,
somehow, we are considered "not Black enough" since we don't tote the
pail for the left-wing extremists that comprise the Democratic party.  It
is time to stop being timid, to stand up and be counted, and to make our
voices heard from sea to shining sea.  Join the party -- the Republican
party, that is!

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