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Tue Sep 19 06:12:51 MDT 2000

Hi y'all!
I was able to go to Bob Jones University last evening to hear Pat Buchanan speak. He had many good things to say. One of his main themes was what he termed the "deconstructing of America". He said that vestiges of what our nation was is being undone by:

1. the dethroning of God - the backwards application of "separation of church and state" by our increasingly dictatorial Supreme Court. Most recently the most benign of public prayers is not allowed at public school football games for fear that the mention of the word God would offend some atheist.

2. the rewriting of history - the eradication of the American memory. The heroes once revered are now "bad guys."

3. the pollution of our culture and morality - he said that instead of going after Microsoft (because Bill Gates tried to slip us all a free web browser), we need to close down Disney. Walt Disney would turn over in his grave!

4. the assault on our nation's sovereignty - we're being handed over to the UN, the WTO, and the World Bank and IMF are ruling us more and more. He sees one world government as very real in the near future unless this is halted. He is for making the UN leave the USA.

5. the erasure of America's borders - some elites are talking about enforcing no borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. He said that the influx of what are now "illegals" would be so great that our nation could not survive it without drastic change.

I wish Buchanan had a chance of winning, but as we know, he doesn't.

What I'd like to know is - is his visit at BJU getting any media play where you are? If so, how is it being portrayed? I believe that the nation's media (in all their impartial non-partisanship) does not want to give Buchanan any time at all. My bet is that they will only report on this event if they can do so to cause Bush to look bad (worse?).

Whaddaya think?  This may not be of general interest, so feel free to write me privately.
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