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Tue Sep 19 18:32:58 MDT 2000

At 08:12 AM 9/19/00 -0400, Rob Loach wrote:

>Hi y'all!
>I was able to go to Bob Jones University last evening to hear Pat Buchanan

         Wish I could've been there, too, Rob!!!

>He had many good things to say. One of his main themes was what he termed
>the "deconstructing of America". He said that vestiges of what our nation
>was is being undone by:
>1. the dethroning of God - the backwards application of "separation of
>church and state" by our increasingly dictatorial Supreme Court. Most
>recently the most benign of public prayers is not allowed at public school
>football games for fear that the mention of the word God would offend some

         He's right!

>2. the rewriting of history - the eradication of the American memory. The
>heroes once revered are now "bad guys."

         Right, again!

>3. the pollution of our culture and morality - he said that instead of
>going after Microsoft (because Bill Gates tried to slip us all a free web
>browser), we need to close down Disney. Walt Disney would turn over in his

         Still right!

>4. the assault on our nation's sovereignty - we're being handed over to
>the UN, the WTO, and the World Bank and IMF are ruling us more and more.
>He sees one world government as very real in the near future unless this
>is halted. He is for making the UN leave the USA.

         Rob, we ALL should be!!! Matter-of-fact, we all need to call our
Senators and Congresscritters N-O-W and raise you-know-what! Given enough
heat, they'd back off! I've already gotten the ball rolling where I am. How
'bout the rest of y'all?!? (or the rest of "yinz", as we say in "Picksberg")

>5. the erasure of America's borders - some elites are talking about
>enforcing no borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. He said that the
>influx of what are now "illegals" would be so great that our nation could
>not survive it without drastic change.

         He's batting a thousand!

>I wish Buchanan had a chance of winning, but as we know, he doesn't.

         Right.......a true shame.......
Keep up the pressure, anyway, folks! We can outlast anyone!

John Q.
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