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 > [Note:  As I have said many times before over the years, and the
 > old timers on this list are likely tired of hearing it, the war on drugs
 > is
 > not about winning the war, it is not meant to be won.  What the war
 > on drugs is about is power and money and the steady weakening
 > of the Constitutional guards on our God given rights.  Among my
 > numerous archives from the last 10 years are many accounts of the
 > type of tragedy described below, innocent people killed, wounded,
 > subjected to terror and brutal investigating techniques, who have had
 > their homes and property, dignity and reputations trashed, family pets
 > killed, many  based on the false word of a paid informant or disgruntled
 > former employee.  No, the  war on drugs is not what will be won, what
 > will be won is a total police state for those Statist Utopian Dogmatists
 > (SUDs) who are presently in control. - Tony]
 > 11-year-old killed in California drug raid
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 > By TY PHILLIPS, Modesto Bee of California
 > MODESTO, Calif. (September 14, 2000 1:34 p.m. EDT
 > - An 11-year-old Modesto boy was fatally shot
 > early Wednesday morning when police SWAT team officers on a federal
 > narcotics sweep raided his parents' home. Police said the shooting was an
 > accident.
 > Alberto Sepulveda, a seventh-grader at Prescott Senior Elementary School,
 > was pronounced dead in his home in the north Modesto neighborhood commonly
 > known as Highway Village. He died from one shotgun round to the back,
 > Police Chief Roy Wasden said.
 > Wasden would not give any other details of the shooting or raid, not even
 > where in the small house the shooting took place. He said details will not
 > be available until investigations have been completed.
 > "Our entire department is in shock," Wasden said. "And our heartfelt
 > sympathy goes out to the family of the child, and the officers who were
 > involved in this tragic incident."
 > The shot came from officer David Hawn, whose weapon accidentally
 > discharged
 > during the raid, Wasden said. Hawn, a 21-year department veteran, has
 > served on the SWAT team for 18 1/2 years. Following department policy,
 > Hawn
 > was placed on paid leave.
 > Hawn and six other officers had been ordered to enter the house and secure
 > it so federal agents could serve drug warrants.
 > The boy's father, Moises Sepulveda, was arrested and booked on charges of
 > methamphetamine trafficking. The boy's mother and two siblings, ages 8 and
 > 14, also were home during the raid.
 > Officers knocked on the door at 6:16 a.m. Five minutes later, a call went
 > out for an ambulance and Fire Department personnel.
 > Police swarmed in and out of the house all day, and Stanislaus County
 > coroner's deputies did not remove the boy's body until after 2 p.m.
 > As is routine with officer-involved shootings, separate investigations are
 > being conducted by the district attorney's office, the Police Department's
 > Crimes Against Persons Unit and Professional Standards Unit, and the city
 > attorney's office.
 > "Our preliminary investigation indicates that the shooting was
 > accidental,"
 > Wasden said at his first major press conference since becoming chief Aug.
 > 7.
 > The department could not immediately provide a list of police shootings,
 > but no one could remember a case in which an officer had killed a child.
 > As some officers worked inside the house, others stood grim-faced outside,
 > talking in small groups. Neighbors stood in front of their homes,
 > wondering
 > what had happened on their street.
 > A potted plant had been tipped off the house's porch and onto the lawn. A
 > police shield rested on the porch.
 > Neighbors leaned around yellow police tape, trying to sneak a look inside
 > the home.
 > "It's a war zone all around this village," said Charley Ney, 44, who lives
 > in the neighborhood. "It gets crazy sometimes."
 > Ney leaned on a fence several doors from the crime scene, talking with
 > neighbors Bill Blair, 41, and Lloyd Little, 55. The men knew someone had
 > been shot in a drug raid, but they had no idea it was a boy.
 > Blair said drugs are nothing new to Highway Village. He has lived in the
 > area all his life. The men knew late-night traffic at the house is common,
 > but it was not something they watched closely.
 > "When you live out here, there's always something going on," Blair said.
 > "When you drive around, you don't look too much at people like that. You
 > don't watch them because they're watching you."
 > Wednesday night, neighbors stood at the edge of driveways and lawns,
 > swapping stories of concern, shock and grief.
 > "I didn't ever think anything like this could happen at that house, to
 > that
 > family," former next-door neighbor Nadia Chuca, 23, said. "He was just at
 > the wrong place at the wrong time; it's just sad that this happened to an
 > 11-year-old. ... I saw him grow up."
 > The Sepulveda family has lived at the home for about five years.
 > Fourteen-year-old Melissa Gold lived across the street until recently.
 > She said Alberto taught bicycle tricks to her 9-year-old brother, Brian.
 > "My little brother, he's been sad all day. He tried to ask me why the cop
 > shot him. I didn't know how to say it in sign language," she said. "My
 > brother's deaf."
 > Sam Climber walked his 9-year-old son, Sam Jr., in front of the Sepulveda
 > house to try to make sense of Wednesday's shooting.
 > His son, he said, played daily with Alberto.
 > "We would play hide-and-go-seek, ride our bikes and have water balloon
 > fights," the young Climber said. "I sort of could not believe it; I didn't
 > think kids could get shot."
 > Counseling services were provided Thursday for students at Chrysler and
 > Prescott schools, said Judy French, a secretary in the Stanislaus Union
 > School District. Alberto attended Chrysler last year.
 > Wednesday's raid was part of a drug trafficking investigation that began
 > in
 > January 1999, said Robert Dey, a special agent with the U.S. Drug
 > Enforcement Agency.
 > He said authorities had identified a Stanislaus County drug ring that
was making and selling large quantities of methamphetamine. Wednesday's
action involved 14 simultaneous raids at houses around the county.
 > Officers arrested 14 people, Dey said, and were seeking four others.
 > SWAT teams called upon for Wednesday's operation were from the Sacramento
 > and San Francisco offices of the FBI, the DEA, the Stanislaus County
 > Sheriff's Department and the Lodi Police Department.
 > "With the violent nature of methamphetamine traffickers, we try to take
 > all
 > the precautions to avoid anyone getting hurt. This is a tragic situation
 > for all parties involved," Dey said.
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