"Top Ten Rejected Gore-Lieberman Campaign Slogans,"

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Wed Sep 20 20:42:51 MDT 2000

>>From the September 14 Late Show with David Letterman, the
"Top Ten Rejected Gore-Lieberman Campaign Slogans," as read by Al Gore:

10. "Vote For Me Or I'll Come To Your Home And Explain My 191-Page
Economic Plan To You In Excruciating Detail"

 9. "Remember, America: I Gave You The Internet, And I Can Take It Away.
Think About It"

 8. "Your Vote Automatically Enters You In Drawing For The 123
Billion-Dollar Budget Surplus"

 7. "With Lieberman On The Ticket, You Get All Kinds Of Fun New Days Off"

 6. "We Know When The Microphone Is On"

 5. "Vote For Me, And I Will Take Whatever Steps Necessary To Outlaw The
Term, 'Whazzzup!'"

 4. "Gore/Lieberman -- You Don't Have To Worry About Pork Barrel

 3. "You'll Thank Us In Four Years When The Escalator To The Moon Is

 2. "If I Can Handle Letterman, I Can Handle Saddam Hussein"

 1. "I'll Be Twice As Cool As That President Guy On 'The West Wing'"

-- Brent Baker

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