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Thousands of free speech activists rallied at the United Nations
Plaza, then marched to Union Square as part of a protest against the
National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention. After the
concert, they took to the streets chanting "What do we want? Free
Speech! When do we want it? Now!" and "Whose media? Our media!" and
marched to the Hilton Hotel to speak directly to the NAB. Thirty
police in riot gear stood guard at the Hilton and prevented
protestors from entering. Inside the hotel, the NAB, one of the most
powerful lobbying groups in the United States, presented its Marconi
Radio Awards to radio personalities including Rush Limbaugh, who won
"Network Syndicated Personality of the Year."
"We are here in San Francisco to remind the FCC of their mandate to
regulate the airwaves in the public interest. The airwaves belong to
the people, but when we turn on our radios, we realize that our
airwaves are controlled by corporations who are using this resource
for private interest, greed, and profit. Public access to
communications is a non-negotiable demand in a democratic society, "
said Greg Ruggiero, an editor at Seven Stories Press in New York.
Mel Charters
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