John blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Sep 25 19:47:11 MDT 2000

At 06:14 PM 9/25/00 +0000, Ray Thomas wrote:
>You wrote:
>>This campaign needs some spice perhaps Schrubb should go really negative
>>and list Gore crimes for which mad Janet is covering up either that or
>>Punch out Gore on national TV.

         I vote for punching out the slug on national TV, personally. BTW,
Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance" (long out of print) is available again
from Worldnet Daily. If you want to know what a Gore Presidency would be
like, here's your ticket. Buy mass quantities of the book and pass 'em out
in your neighborhood. NOBODY can read this book and feel indifferent. Rage
is the most common emotion......

John Q.
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