Yo' Know Y'All's A Bigot, If.....

John blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Sep 26 19:11:46 MDT 2000

You Know You're a Bigot If...
By Minority Mike

        You know you're a bigot if --

        * You think the malcontents who kicked the crap out of the British and
gave birth to America were heroic and deserve to be remembered as
such.  Correct thinking people know they only did this so they could quit
talking with that wimpy accent and be first in line at rap concerts.

        * You think Al Sharpton is the "Reverend" at the Church Of Mo Better Den
Thou and you wonder just exactly what it is Jesse Jackson does for a
living.  Correct thinking people know it's not polite to question the
motives or methods of Racists and Communists Of Color.

        * You write or read commentaries that appear occasionally at such hotbeds
of dissent as LewRockwell.com, PlanetGoldberg.com or World Net Daily.
Correct thinking people know that the common sense published at these
websites is far too dangerous for the average American and poses a serious
threat to the oh-so-delicate "self-esteem" of the left.

        * You think Norman Liebmann blasts huge holes in the left wing's
transparent wall of hypocrisy with style, wit and absolute hilarity.
Correct thinking people know that laughing at socialist stupidity and
corruption is far too damaging to the inner-child of globalist crap-speakers.

        * You think Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham is a self-serving, untalented
screaming harpy who would eat her own child if she thought it would further
her facist agenda. Correct thinking people know that she's really a
misunderstood victim and everything would be fine if people would just let
her have her own way.

        * You volunteered your pick-up truck to help Alec Baldwin move to Moscow
the day George Bush is elected President. Correct thinking people know Alec
was just upset because he saw a cat wearing fur and it gave him the vapors.

        * You think Elton John should shut his lipsticked mouth and put away his
foreign wallet when it comes to deciding who will be the next
Drooper-In-Chief. Correct thinking people know that he was Princess Diana's
friend and gown swapping pal.

        You believe in God and Jesus Christ and are not afraid to say so.  Correct
thinking people know that God is just too much of a hinderance to
corruption, blasphemy masquerading as art, abortion and genocide in the
name of "peace."

        * You think Spike Lee is nothing more than a Hollywood race-baiter.
Correct thinking people know that Spike is black, hence, he's been
exploited and oppressed. Therefore it's just fine and dandy for him to make
movies exploiting black people and demonizing whites.

        * You think the Confederate Flag is a stirring symbol of a proud Southern
Heritage. A heritage that includes the courage to stand up and defy the
statists who would crush any symbol of rebellion against the monster that
calls itself Federal Government. Correct thinking people know that flag is
a symbol of freedom from tyranny. Can't have that now, can we?

        * You think guns are tools for self defense, hunting, and other family
activities such as defending the Constitution of The United States against
politicians and other assorted criminal bastards.

        * You think the Gun Owners of America shows great wisdom and character in
refusing to compromise the rights of law-abiding Americans to arm themselves.

        * You think the National Rifle Association membership is the salt of the
earth, but the leadership needs to quit wimping out on the Second Amendment.

        * You think a lawfully armed citizen is a free citizen and the
gun-grabbers are spearheading the drive to enslave them. Correct thinking
people know that improperly used guns can kill people and therefore only
government agents and other criminals should have them.

        * You think Bill Clinton is an agent of the anti-Christ and you can't
understand why the press won't break the story about his reflection not
showing up in mirrors. Correct thinking people know that Billy-Jeff feels
their pain, as well as their breasts and wallets.

        * You think Janet Reno is a murderous federal thug who should get the gas
chamber for life. Correct thinking people know the real criminals are
church congregations in Texas who had the audacity to worship and think as
they saw fit. Until she murdered them "for their own safety."

        *You base your opinions on what you know to be facts and not on the
government propaganda spoon-fed to the masses every night on the network
news. Correct thinking people are fond of Peter Jennings' accent, Tom
Brokaw's snappy wardrobe and Dan Rather's new hairdo.

        You choose to educate your children yourself, and you demand to do so
without federal rules and regulations. Correct thinking people know it
doesn't matter if Johnny can't read, they'll be the ones to decide what he
should be thinking.

        * You found yourself nodding your head in agreement with any of what you
just read.

You know you're a bigot if -- You found yourself nodding your head in
agreement with any of what you just read.

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