This Is *PRICELESS*!!!

John blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Sep 26 20:01:08 MDT 2000

Feminists in a Tizzy Over

David Horowitz, originator of the new cathartic Web site,,
has come under fire from feminists who are circulating an e-mail denouncing
both him and the site as gross, mean-spirited and unfair.

One woman actually said she was offended because her own name is Hillary.

Horowitz is dismissive of most of the criticism, citing Hillary's ability
to coin and accuse unquestioned "vast right-wing conspiracies" and other
subjective nonsense.

The New York Times, and other media outlets have picked up on
the SlapHillary story and Horowitz has done a number of interviews on the
biting but light-hearted site.

We had been expecting the feminists to launch to denounce his
predatory sexual advances. We won't hold our breath. You shouldn't either.
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