The "N" Word Used by a Teacher!

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Fri Sep 29 15:52:21 MDT 2000

I just heard on the radio of an incident which recently occurred in a
classroom, unknown location such as state or age group of children, in
which the teacher of the class (primarily African American) was getting
frustrated in hearing the students calling each other a "nigger".  This
teacher finally says, "Hold it, quit using the word 'nigger', it's not
nice to call each other that (or words to that effect)".  Well, the kids
continue to use the word "nigger" towards each other and the teacher
(whom I believe is non-African American) states, "Stop using the word
'nigger', because basically everyone in the class is a 'nigger'!"  (rut
ro).  The second half of that sentence didn't go over very well.  I'm not
sure of what her reprimand or penalty was for this outburst.

But, don't you find it somewhat of a double standard when African
Americans can use the word "nigger" to each other, but if a white or
non-African American uses that word, it's so politically incorrect?

Your two cents please?

Richard Whitenight
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