Democrats Against Military Tribunals?

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>Such cases are clearly spelled out.  The constitution says people who have
>reached the age of 18 cannot be denied the right to vote because of their age.

So? The point remains certain the federal government can suppress rights
for certain classes of "the people." It is not unconstitutional to suppress
the RKBA of minors and that is NOT clearly spelled out.

>That's a state issue.

Not completely. The federal government cannot prohibit states from granting
foreigners the right to vote but they can prohibit states from denying
citizens the right to vote.

>This is also spelled out clearly in the constitution.

So? Again it is not unconstitutional to suppress the RKBA of non-citizens
but that is not explicitly spelled out.

>I don't understand how US law could be enforced anywhere except within US
>borders.    During prohibition foreign passenger ships had alcohol on board
>but were not allowed to serve it while in US waters.  Once they left US
>waters, the bar was open.

A US citizens on foreign soil cannot be assassinated by the CIA or
military. That citizen of entitled to due process even though outside the
US borders. The same does not apply to non-citizens. Outside of an
executive order by president Ford, any non-citizen can be assassinated on
foreign soil without due process.

>Once someone is outside US borders they should not be subject to our
>laws.  For example it's none of the US government's business how much I
>might have in a Swiss bank account.  If I had such an account, what's in it
>would be between me and the Swiss government.

It is not a question be being subject to our laws but rather being
protected from the federal government outside the US. You are making my
point. If you were not a citizen, there is nothing to constitutionally
prohibit the federal government from getting that information even by force
with a declaration of war. Since you are a citizen, it cannot do that, or
at least withhold, confiscate or use it against you criminally, without due

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