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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Dec 1 08:43:48 MST 2001

In the December issue of Maximum PC magazine, on page 82, Reviews Section
there is the following entry w/picture:
Quote: KEYKatcher. A cold shiver ran down our spine when we realized how
scary this device is. The KEYKatcher is a tiny PS/2 pass-through that
silently records everything typed on your PC, regardless of OS or
application. It doesn't require drivers and virtually impossible to detect
(someone would have to crawl behind his PC to find it) To review what's been
recorded, simply type in a secret password, and the device eerily displays
every keystroke that's been punched in. Three sizes are available, but we
recomment the 64KB version, which is good for roughly 32 pages of text. The
output does take a while to display, and the process can become tedious if
you don't check it for a few days. The device's main limitation is that it
stops when it runs out of memory, rather than simply writing over the oldest
data. WHAT WE LIKE: It's tiny, portable, takes a second to install, and
leaves no footprints in the PC's hard drive or memory. Egad.
WHAT WE HATE: Doesn't provide an option to write over old data. --Gordon Mah
Ung. EndQuote.
It appears to be available from for $100........
This device plugs into your keyboard port on the back of your computer, and
your kybd plugs into it. I personally do not see anything about it that I
like. It is fortunate that I can see all sides of my equipments except the
bottoms of course. Sounds like something some Govt snoop would want lots
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