Democrats Against Military Tribunals?

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Sat Dec 1 09:00:48 MST 2001

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> > From Black's Law  Dictionary 6th Edition:
> >
> >People: A state; as the people of the state of NY. A nation in its
> >collective and political capacity. The aggregate or mass of the individuals
> >who constitute the state. In a more restricted sense, and as generally used
> >in constitutional law, the entire body of those citizens of a state or
> >nation who are invested with political power for political purposes
>Thank you. "The people" and citizens are constitutionally synonymous.
>However, the SCOTUS has afforded many constitutional protections to legal
>residents and a few to illegal immigrants.

In the restricted sense the definition claims that.  In the general it does
not.  Again, the drafters were very brilliant men.  I believe they chose
their words very carefully, and I believe if they meant citizen, they would
have said so.  Your previous post alluded to four varying degrees of
"people".  here you claim the word is synonymous with citizen.

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