Democrats Against Military Tribunals?

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>I don't think that's what he did at all.  Yes, this country established a
>government for itself.  But I read the entire Constitution and all
>amendments just yesterday and I cannot find a single place where it says
>that basic rights apply only to Americans.

But the question is what ones can the federal government infringe upon for

>I am learning here that many believe that is the case.  I don't believe
>that.  We are all born with certain rights.  All, not just
>Americans.  Philosophically, I believe that the Constitution protects more
>God-given rights than it grants.  The Constitution did indeed outline a
>plan for a government, but just as strong a purpose is its effort to
>restrict that government's power.  It protects the God-given rights of the
>people - not just the citizens, for God gave rights to all people - not
>just American citizens.  If your belief differs form this, fine.  Mine
>does not.

Nope. It prohibits the federal government from doing anything not
explicitly granted to it. God and rights have nothing to do with it. The
BoR was actually unnecessary and redundant. However, certain states (the
south in particular) were concerned that if rights were not explicitly
stated it could one day be interpreted so as to take powers away from the
states and rights from the people. As it turned out they were exactly
correct. Prophetically, even with the BoR the federal government has
figured out ways to take powers from the states and rights from the people.

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