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Thomas J. Benthall tbenthal at SCHOOLLINK.NET
Sun Dec 2 16:31:05 MST 2001

On 2 Dec 2001, at 14:24, Stephen Frye wrote:

> I posted here a few days ago mentioning the Maryland town that had
> prohibited Santa Claus from a Christmas ceremony because two families may
> have been uncomfortable.  I just discovered this weekend that it is the
> same county/town that wanted to impose the fine for neighbors smoking!
> Is it possible such idiocy is localized?  Silly me.  I guess I know better.
> Gee - though, I am still uncomfortable paying income tax.

I guess its possible that idiocy, to a degre, could be localized.

But here is something more disturbing.   Santa is very pissed off about what is
going on in the insane asylum.   The reason I know is because he told me so
this past week when I was sitting on his knee in the department store.

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