Arafat on Israel's "Hit List"?

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>If Chairman Arafat continues to say one thing to the Israeli's and
>another to his own people, should Israel put him on a "hit list" (i.e.
>place him on their "Most Wanted" list)?  Arafat continues to say one
>thing, but in reality he continues to take no action against those
>organizations who would prefer to see the Israeli's six feet under the
>ground.  What would be the repercussions if Arafat was taken out?  Your

Arafat is a self-proclaimed leader similar to Jackson. He is in the
impossible position of being the proclaimed leader of the Palestinians
while having no authority over any of them. It was great for making him the
center of attention when world opinion was against Israel. Now that
terrorism has turned world opinion against him he has to take the heat. He
put himself in the position of having all the responsibility but never had
any real authority over those he purports to represent. I have no sympathy
for him. He made his bed now he can sleep in it.

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