and you thought your kid did something stupid

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Mon Dec 3 13:56:56 MST 2001

Apparently there are two other American traitors over there with him, but the
Northern Alliance has them.  I dread the liberal media frenzy, if he is
brought back here for trial.  The New York Times will probably publish his
two bit "Manifesto."


Jim wrote:

> Parents in this country need not feel so embarrassed when their kids do
> something stupid.  I guess by now you've heard of John Walker.  He's the
> traitor who took up Islam, changed his name and went of to fight with the
> Taliban.  He was caught in that prison uprising in Afghanistan we heard
> about last week.
> I heard this morning that his father was interviewed and he said he was
> proud of his son, that he's a nice boy.  I don't know who this idiot works
> for if anyone, but if I were his boss he would be unemployed right now.  I
> wouldn't want somebody this clueless working for me, representing my
> company.
> Now there's the question as to what is to be done with John Walker.  If
> he's a US citizen he's not subject to the military trials.  If he is
> brought to this country for trial, it would make the OJ trial look dull in
> comparison.  I would suggest turning him over to the Northern Alliance and
> let them have their way with him.

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