*MAYBE* He's Got A Valid Point........

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Mon Dec 3 14:26:03 MST 2001

"John A. Quayle" wrote:

> REALLY?!?!? What could they possibly offer sight-seers???

    I understand Bin Laden has been running very expensive hunting
parties in Afghanistan for years.  He flew in the wealthy Arabs who
wanted to hunt with falcons.  They paid big money, and they brought lots
of weapons and lots of SUV's and pickups with them.  When they left, the
equipment stayed in Afghanistan.  The Taliban have been riding around in
those vehicles with lots of guns, terrorizing folks for several years.
This is one way Bin Laden arranged the flow of money and ordinance into
Afghanistan.   Bin Laden's  group, in collusion with the Taliban,
hijacked a whole country as a base for their evil purposes.


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