*MAYBE* He's Got A Valid Point........

carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Tue Dec 4 10:56:45 MST 2001

The pipeline that is needed out or Russia has two possible routs through
Iran or Afgahanistan.  No way we can trust Iran unless we remove its
government and the sect that controls it.  Very hard to kill that many
muslans without pissing off the rest.'


On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 23:03:24 +0000 Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET>
>Me thinks *maybe not*
>Congress critter Paul spoke:
>>>>It has been known for years that Unocal, a U.S.
>company, has been anxious to build a pipeline through
>northern Afghanistan, but it has not been possible due
>to the weak Afghan central government....<<
>This "oil conspiracy" stuff is way off base.  Did some
>searching and found oil wasn't listed as a major
>industry for Afghanistan, but tourism <gag> made the
>list. They were not on the list of countries with
>petroleum reserves, imports, exports, etc....   In terms
>of dollars and cents, they ain't even a pimple on a
>Saudi Arabia's ass.
>And since when did a "weak" government deter a major oil
>conglomerate? Bin Ladens $300 mil is chump change
>compared to what the big boys throw around when they
>want their way.  I thinks too many people are looking
>behind the "grassy knoll" for something that isn't there.

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