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Wed Dec 5 22:09:16 MST 2001

American Taliban
So far we've learned that this 20 year old from California, took up the
Muslim religion when he was an impressionable 16 years old.  His parents
and friends of the family say he must have been "brainwashed by the
Taliban."  Liberals would want you to believe that he's just a tragic
problem caused by us.  All of it is bunk, since he previously told his
father that the terrorists were justified in the bombing of the USS COLE.
 Enough said!

This is typical racism on the part of the radical Black movement.
Speaker after speaker at that convention were spouting anti-White (i.e.
establishment) sentiments.  They continue to cry about wanting to be paid
for the white man's sin of slavery (i.e. reparations).  They continue to
paint blacks as no better off than 300 years go.  They continue to paint
"whitey" as the villain.  No one in the liberal news media is calling
this a racist convention, but we'd have hell to pay if we had a State of
the White World Congress.  You can bet your sweet ass on that one.

Ever since September 11th, there has been an increasing cry from the
Arab-American community that the US government is closely watching them
because they are of Arab descent.  The ACLU, who are infamous for their
defending of NAMBLA (sp), are now fighting for the Arab-American cause.
I personally don't care if Arab-Americans  (i.e. Camel Jockeys, Rag
heads, etc) are being profiled, because after 09/11, we have a whole new
ball game with regard to defending our shores against terrorism.  My word
to those Arab-Americans or anyone from the Mid-East, who feel they are
being picked on, they can take their butt and hit the first plane out of
the US, because I don't give a f'ing damn if they like it or not.
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