Democrats Against Military Tribunals?

MC Spearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 6 11:19:30 MST 2001

I'm willing to be corrected, but as a retired career
military officer and former commander, I am familiar
with the military justice system. While in command (a
total of 8 years), I worked with Uniform Code of
Military Justice issues on nearly a daily basis, and I
sat on a number of courts-martial and commissions
(e.g., administrative action boards).

Military commissions and courts-martial are NOT very
different. They are very alike. Rules of evidence,
discovery, voir dire, and so forth ARE SEDULOUSLY
FOLLOWED, and the procedures are transcribed and
archived for future scrutiny, just as in any other
courtroom. These are NOT DRUMHEAD proceedings where
rules are made up as proceedings go along.

Again, such commissions apply to the men and women in
combat against these beasts. They protect intelligence
and military sources and procedures. They do not,
however, allow for three-ring circuses a la OJ. They
are fair. They are good enough, if not too good, for
those who murder our citizens by the thousands and
would lay our nation low.


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> >As you know, I don't often chime in these days, but
> >here is another thought on military commissions
> (aka
> >tribunals). Why is a system good enough for our own
> >military services, i.e., courts-martial, too
> inferior
> >or too unfair to apply to the loathsome barbarians
> >behind 9-11? Don't tell me -- let me guess. There
> >isn't as much chance of pooling together 12
> >semi-literate clowns as exemplified by the so-call
> OJ
> >jury.
> A military tribunal and courts-martial are 2 very
> different processes. The
> latter adheres to rules of evidence and most other
> constitutional
> protections of the accused. The former is pretty
> much whatever the tribunal
> wants and the accused is out of reach of
> constitutional protection.
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