Your Pearl Harbor Day Thoughts

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Fri Dec 7 13:26:45 MST 2001

Given sincere repentance (confession, contrition, and satisfaction),
yes.  Otherwise, no.


Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>  Place yourself in the following scenario: You are a surviving member
> of the attack on Pearl Harbor or a relative of someone who was killed
> as a result of the attack and you are attending today's 60th
> anniversary of that fateful attack by the Japanese Imperial Navy.
> Attending this ceremony will be surviving members of the Japanese
> torpedo squadrons, who participated in the attack. My question to you
> is:         Do you feel they should take part in the ceremony?
>                                  YES
>                                   NO
>                               NO OPINION
>  Please take a minute to click on one of the above hyperlinks and send
> me your input.  If your e-mail client does not recognize the
> hyperlinks, just send me a message with your answer in the subject
> line of the message.  Any comments are optional. Thanking you in
> advance for reading this message and possible participation in this
> poll.  Results to be posted later. Regards,
> Richard Whitenight
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