Military Tribunals (off another list)

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Fri Dec 7 21:52:18 MST 2001

Amen MC.  You hit it right on the head of the nail.

Richard Whitenight
Vietnam 10/68 - 04/69, 10/69 - 10/70

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001 06:54:01 -0800 MC Spearing <yuramac at YAHOO.COM> writes:
> As a retired military man, prior enlisted and risen
> from the ranks to a commission, I can tell you, one
> and all, I have seen the system from BOTH points of
> view. Anyone who thinks the UCMJ is a platform for
> "kangaroo courts," is, well, a kangaroo.
> MCSpearing

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