Military Tribunals (off another list)

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Dec 8 20:57:22 MST 2001

At 06:54 AM 12/7/2001 -0800, MC Spearing wrote:
>As a retired military man, prior enlisted and risen from the ranks to a
>commission, I can tell you, one and all, I have seen the system from BOTH
>points of view. Anyone who thinks the UCMJ is a platform for "kangaroo
>courts," is, well, a kangaroo.

         I'll agree here. Professor Francis A. Boyle is anything, but
conservative and seems to be solidly in the "Blame America First" camp.
BTW, Boyle teaches International Law at the University of Illinois at
Champaign..............I got my belly full of him on a pro-UN think tank,
run by elitist "scholars" several years ago.

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