Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Mon Dec 10 11:33:18 MST 2001

My mom has been in a hospital for a few days and last night had a need
for some talcum powder.  She asked the nurse and he said there wasn't any
in the hospital.  Yes I actually heard him say this.  I asked him why they
don't have any.  He said they don't use it anymore because the managed
health plans have all decided it isn't necessary.  He did call the people
down on the floor where the babies are delivered and found they don't use
it either.  Supposedly the babies breathe in the dust from the powder and
it's bad for them.  I'll bring her a big container of it when I go to see
her this afternoon.

Wouldn't that be like going into a bar and finding out they don't serve
beer or peanuts?

If anybody on this list has any experience working in a hospital, could
you let me know if this is for real or if they're feeding mom and I so
much B.S.

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