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Mon Dec 10 13:13:33 MST 2001

At 11:33 AM 12/10/2001 -0700, Jim wrote:
>My mom has been in a hospital for a few days and last night had a need for
>some talcum powder. She asked the nurse and he said there wasn't any in
>the hospital. Yes I actually heard him say this. I asked him why they
>don't have any. He said they don't use it anymore because the managed
>health plans have all decided it isn't necessary. He did call the people
>down on the floor where the babies are delivered and found they don't use
>it either. Supposedly the babies breathe in the dust from the powder and
>it's bad for them. I'll bring her a big container of it when I go to see
>her this afternoon.
>Wouldn't that be like going into a bar and finding out they don't serve
>beer or peanuts?

         Absolutely!!! The bars around here serve anybody.....(baddah-boom,
baddah-bing!) Sorry, Jim.......I saw that one coming, but couldn't help

>If anybody on this list has any experience working in a hospital, could
>you let me know if this is for real or if they're feeding mom and I so
>much B.S.

         Jim, my wife is an RN with 22 years of service at the local
hospital. You're being fed a crock.......

John Q.

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