Japanese Pilots

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Mon Dec 10 09:01:36 MST 2001

"Dudley D. Doright" wrote:

> What about the Pilots that dropped two large bombs on Japan?  I'm sure
> that innocent people perished there also.  "War is Hell".   I cannot find
> blame for soldiers doing as ordered and attacking a Military target.   I
> can find blame for the one's ordering the attack unprovoked.  The
> Nuremberg trials are a different matter involving Torture and Genocide,
> IMO.

     What is done while there is no war, may be different from a response or
chain of responses one country makes to another after war has been
initiated.  Can you imagine our dropping bombs on Japan had we not been
aroused to defend ourselves in war?

    Nuremberg found fault not only with commanding officers giving orders to
commit crimes against humanity, but also with those who carried them out.
That precedent has been established.

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