Japanese Pilots

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"Dudley D. Doright" wrote:

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> > "Dudley D. Doright" wrote:
> There is a big difference between attacking a military force and
> exterminating a race of people.

    Good point.  But is that the difference under discussion?  What
purpose lay behind Japan's attempt to cripple the USA's ability to defend
its land and its people?  What was the horrifying experience of many
Chinese or Korean people who were conquered, captured, and killed
(rendered defenseless) by Japanese during this period?  Do you really
believe the USA attempted at any point in the WW II to exterminate the
Japanese people as a race?

> War starts when someone starts it.  Japan started it when they attacked
> Pearl Harbor.

    This issue is exactly the one I'm grappling with.  What do we call the
first blow, especially when it comes like a thief in the night?   And how
is our response to 9/11 different, in kind, from our response to Pearl
Harbor?  In the wake of 9/11, we seek to apprehend and punish the
perpetrators and their minions.  We are not seeking to locate them, make a
truce, and then call the whole thing off.  Did we do that with the
Japanese attackers?  And if so, why?


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