Japanese Pilots

economic@cedar.net economic at CEDAR.NET
Tue Dec 11 18:12:10 MST 2001

OH! That's nothing! We haven't even tried to invade England yet for the
atrocities committed during the 1700s on our own soil!  Jeez!

We did pursue the Japanese.  It was called WWII.  We won.  They're just
like us now...remember?

Afghanistan will have the right to determine it's own government too,
after we're done with them.  We admittedly won't be able to seek out and
detain every man who fought with the Taliban...some of those were forced
into fighting...but we will seek out the man who headed the organization
that attacked the USA on 9/11.

John Hammes

wbwhite wrote:

> I just read about the Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor in a
> secret attack and returned for the anniversary.    Why weren't these
> pilots apprehended and brought to justice?
> Bill

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