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Jim, I can tell you that we've been informed that one should not use powder
around babies. That edict came down around 10-13 years ago. Perhaps it has
something to do with the Anthrax scare???
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Subject: WTF?

> My mom has been in a hospital for a few days and last night had a need
> for some talcum powder.  She asked the nurse and he said there wasn't any
> in the hospital.  Yes I actually heard him say this.  I asked him why they
> don't have any.  He said they don't use it anymore because the managed
> health plans have all decided it isn't necessary.  He did call the people
> down on the floor where the babies are delivered and found they don't use
> it either.  Supposedly the babies breathe in the dust from the powder and
> it's bad for them.  I'll bring her a big container of it when I go to see
> her this afternoon.
> Wouldn't that be like going into a bar and finding out they don't serve
> beer or peanuts?
> If anybody on this list has any experience working in a hospital, could
> you let me know if this is for real or if they're feeding mom and I so
> much B.S.

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