Poll Results - Finally !!!

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Wed Dec 12 17:52:15 MST 2001

The following is the results of my last three polls:

If the Northern Alliance and U.S. forces successfully rid Afghanistan of
the Taliban and Usama Bin Laden, do you believe that the United States
should expand it's military campaign to other nations who back terrorism,
such as Iraq and Saddam Hussain?

Do you feel that Arafat is directly or indirectly responsible for or has
knowledge of those committing the Palestinian terrorist attacks?

You are a surviving member of the attack on Pearl Harbor or a relative of
someone who was killed as a result of the attack and you are attending
today's 60th anniversary of that fateful attack by the Japanese Imperial
Navy. Attending this ceremony will be surviving members of the Japanese
torpedo squadrons, who participated in the attack.
Do you feel they should take part in the ceremony?
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