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                        by  Malcolm  Garris

          Anyone  who  has visited this once  great  conservative
     forum will by now have noticed a crackdown on certain  opin-
     ions  regarding this quagmire into which America's  military
     has  so enthusiastically launched itself.  Quite aside  from
     the  warmongering  comments  that now  saturate  the  forum,
     opinion pieces that are strongly critical of our  president,
     foreign  policy, or sacred cows such as Ann Coulter tend  to
     get  yanked from their server pretty  quickly.   Admittedly,
     not all antiwar pieces that are posted get pulled, but  they
     are  predictably panned and trolled by these  self-righteous
     armchair  generals.   Oh, there are still a  few  voices  of
     reason and noninterventionism on the forum, but they  number
     maybe  a  couple of dozen, at most, while  the  warmongering
     majority  rank in the several thousand.   Disheartening,  to
     say the least.

          Nor has the forum always been this uncritical of Ameri-
     can foreign policy.  During the Kosovo war and after, voices
     critical  of NATO and U.S.  involvement seemed to be in  the
     majority.  It was enough to begin to give one hope that real
     change for the better might be possible.  And it illustrated
     excellently  how  the antiwar movement had  shifted  to  the
     right.  Of course, since Bush Jr.  became president, none of
     the  damage done to the Balkans has been undone, and the  US
     is  still  involved militarily there even  today.   In  this
     matter,  Freepers  now prefer to look the other way,  or  to
     think  that  it  has no relevance to  current  events.   And
     besides, its all Bill Clintons fault anyway.

          Posting images of nuclear explosions are a particularly
     popular  form  of  patriotic expression  these  days,  often
     accompanied by comments such as "Lets Roll!" or "If only  we
     had the will to use it!"  Absolutely charming.  They must be
     proud  to  be  able to express such  genocidal  feelings  so
     openly.   If  it took an attack on America's  home  soil  to
     spark  this  kind of patriotism, one can  only  imagine  the
     amount  of "patriotism" abroad that decades of  US  military
     interventionism  have  succeeded in cultivating  around  the
     globe.  I strongly suspect that in the case of FR's nuke-em-
     all  crowd, they have at least secretly harbored the  desire
     to drop the big-one on the "ragheads" years before September
     11th, and now feeling vindicated, they are able to come  out
     of the closet.

          In addition to the absolutely rabid warmongering, there
     is the new American-syle Hitler Youth/Gestapo mindset.   For
     example,  an article written by Justin Raimondo  will  often
     bring  out the junior G-men on the forum with remarks  like:
     "Who  is this Justin Raimondo/ (or  Lew  Rockwell
     for  that matter)?  Has the FBI/CIA/IRS looked  into  them?"
     Geez  Louise!  No doubt these folks on the forum were  never
     good friends of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to begin
     with, and were staunch supporters of the war-on-drugs.   But
     now, with a new war (and the old one isn't even over yet) to
     sink  their  fangs into and a potential  police  state  just
     around  the  corner, they too, are able to come out  of  the

          To  the credit of many Freepers, a good number of  them
     (not  necessarily  a majority) are  still  questioning  some
     proposals  such  as national id cards.  However,  I  suspect
     that  this too will get worse, as more and more decide  that
     trading their liberties for security is worth it.

          But now a brand new facet in the quest for self-censor-
     ship has appeared.  One that would be laughable if it  were-
     n't so sad: Under their new "Loose Lips Sink Ships" philoso-
     phy  FR is now yanking breaking news stories  regarding  at-
     tacks  launched on the Taliban, even though anyone can  turn
     on  the TV or go to one of the major news sites and get  the
     information for themselves.

          Oh, eventually FreeRepublic gets around to keeping  the
     story  up on their server.  But darn, FR used to be  such  a
     great source for breaking news!

          October  9, 2001 Malcolm Garris (send him mail)  is  in
     charge of web graphics for and

          =======================  End  Part  1 /  Begin  Part  2

          The Case for a National ID

          by  Florin Milea

          I  know,  as a person from Eastern Europe, what  an  id
     used to look like there.  A booklet, a bit smaller then a US
     passport, on official paper, impossible to fake.  Each  page
     had  the  state emblem watermarked in.  And  of  course  the
     serial number, just as unique as the social security number.

          While  in  the cradle, the birth certificate  would  be
     suffice.   At death, that specific certificate would  do  it
     for you.  Everything in between would be covered by your own
     id, that would be your alter ego for everything, everywhere.

          A  pregnant  woman  would had been  registered  at  the
     doctor's office.  The state would had known that you are  on
     the way.  No delivery within nine months, would had automat-
     ically triggered an arrest.  Just when you thought that  the
     prolifers in US are bad.

          At  least 10 years after death, the relatives  or  sur-
     vivors  would had kept the certificate.  After this  period,
     the  document would had been surrendered to the state  again
     for proper disposal.

          On  the  first  page of such document, a  list  of  the
     duties  of  a citizen where carefully listed.   Please  take
     note  that  the word rights is not in.   The  importance  of
     having  your id card, and proper care of it, plus  penalties
     for mistreating the subject, were the listed elements.

          The  second  page  you would find the  picture  of  the
     bearer,  associated  with the signatures of all  the  people
     from the office in charge of issuing a such document, plus a
     lot  of codes and the date of issuance.  On the  other  side
     the blood group would be stamped on it.

          The  rest of the pages were reserved for moving  visas.
     If  and only for pre approved reasons, like  work  transfer,
     family  reunification, or marriage, you could move from  one
     part of the country, like in US, say South Dakota, to anoth-

     er  part  let us say California.  If no  such  reason  could
     argumented,  then you do not move anywhere  within.   Moving
     like from Romania to West Germany or US was out of question.
     Any inquiry about a such move would had earned you at  least
     an interrogatory if not a full arrest.

          This  document was issued at age 14.  Two weeks  before
     that birthday, under the penalty of the law, you would go to
     the doctor and get a blood sample for identification.   Then
     you go to the photographer and take a special picture.  With
     the birth certificate and a ton of other papers, you then go
     to the local population registry and apply for the id card.

          Once issued, you will never leave home without it.
          If you do, it is at your own risk.  If the police would
     had  stopped you for any reason, lack of proper  identifica-
     tion  would earn you a nite in jail and a fine, to  pay  for
     the  privilege.  Even so that would be easy.  Some  one  who
     knows you would had to get you out of the slammer.

          From there on, everywhere you would go, and  everything
     you would do, would require the id, just like here in Ameri-
     ca, for purchasing tabaco.  that would go even for  purchas-
     ing  a TV set or a radio.  Your food ratio would  be  issued
     based  on  the same document.  When going  in  the  military
     service,  or  when obtaining a passport to  visit  the  only
     approved  foreign  country, Soviet Union, the  id  would  be
     surrendered  to  the  office for the time of  the  visit  or

          I am not going to go in any other details with this.
          But  if you want a quick picture of an id, and  what  a
     state  can  do with it, well there you have  it.   While  up
     front  all  was  done on paper, do not let  that  fool  you.
     Computers  were on a very restricted area of  the  building,
     where only authorized personnel could access and work on.  A
     proper person was one with good credentials with the commun-
     ist party.

          Of  course nanotechnology and computer  microchips  can
     surely do far better now.  DNA sampling was used even  then.
     Today  the implant chip is used in pets here in US.   Oracle
     is  ready to provide the government with the technology  for
     free.  Well, as free as much as it can get.

          Every programming language, every device in the name of
     security, and personal safety, could and is considered to be
     deployed.   But  would that really be a  good  deterrent  at
     least.   The experience over there, in Eastern Europe  shows
     the opposite.

          Despite  the heavily militarized borders, people  still
     escaped to freedom.  Criminality with anything but firearms,
     for been forbidden, went up so high, that in the end radical
     measures were put in place.  Entire cities would be cordoned
     off,  every  street blocked and searches,  raids,  would  be

          The ones arrested as such, where dissidents, criminals,
     crooks,  a  such colorful bunch, one could hardly  make  the
     difference.   If  that is what you want for US,  then  learn
     from  this  European Easterner.  Not only that the  id  will
     never  be  as  good as the second amendment,  but  you  will
     surely going to kiss good by for ever to much more  freedom,
     you are not aware you still have it.

          For  a grand finale, here is another mind  blower.   At
     the  enrollment in the elementary grade, the  Department  of
     Education there, would issue a serial number id, in the form
     of  a clothed plate look alike, which would be sown  on  the
     left  arm  of your mandatory school uniform.  This  kind  of
     system  was  implemented the moment Soviet Union  took  over
     from  Nazi Germany, and for half of century long.  The  only
     system  known  ther for doing so,  where  the  concentration
     camps from Dachau to Siberia.

          Good luck with the id card, America.

          October  9, 2001 Florin Milea [send him mail], who  was
     born  in Romania and is today a US citizen, is a  member  of
     the class of 2000 of the University of Sioux Falls.

          Copyright    )    2001

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