Democrats Against Military Tribunals?

MC Spearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 13 09:37:08 MST 2001

Me ineptum! I SAID you win. But, in victory or in
defeat, I should hope that when one chooses to talk or
write through one's hat, and attempt to astound by
using a half-understood lexicon, as you undertook to
do, one should display at least SOME indication that
one knows what one is talking or writing about.

Thus, when one chooses to enter pretentiously into the
murky realm of logic, symbolic or otherwise, then one
should know enough of the subject AT LEAST to get the
terms right. Be thankful. Now you know that non
sequitur is not one word, is not a proper noun, is not
a hyphenated construction, and comprises 11 letters.

Of course, you also know what a syllogism is, and
consequently, you understand essentially that non
sequiturs arise as conclusions (not necessarily
incorrect in substance) from faulty premises contained
within them. I should like to see you reconstruct the
syllogisms you say I made that resulted in such a host
of embarrassing non sequiturs.

In another but related matter, to misspell "sequitur"
is understandable enough. Goodness knows I make typos
all the time. Most of us do. But the insertion of a
hyphen is not an ommissive error. You thought it
belonged there, and as a result, demonstrated prima
facie evidence of ignorance of the very authority you
attempted flourish. Good luck with the anecdotal study
of logic.

Meantime, I'm looking forward with relish to the
military commissions soon to be legally convened to
try war criminals. The commissions will convene under
the paltry authority of, and/or the full backing of,
the President of the United States of America, the
Vice President, the Speaker of the House of
Representatives, The Attorney General of the United
States of America, practically all United States
military authorities in existence, the Uniform Code of
Military Justice, and, well, Dr. Laura!

Best regards to Privates Smith and Jones.

A Beo!


--- Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
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> At 08:44 AM 12/12/2001 -0800, you wrote:
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> >
> I didn't know it was a contest. Picking on typos is
> the best you can do?
> Silly me, I thought I was having a debate with an
> adult. With that, this IS the last word

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