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>> >> I just read about the Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor in a
>> >> secret attack and returned for the anniversary.    Why weren't these
>> >> pilots apprehended and brought to justice?
>> >
>> >> Bill
>> Thankfully, they were not.
>    Actually, I was wondering more about why these pilots and their
>superiors, perpetrators of a sneak attack, weren't apprehended after we
>defeated them.
>When  I read of the  unrepentant Japanese Pilots wanting to participate
>in the Pearl
>Harbor reunion, I realized I had never asked questions about justice in
>this case.  The
>perpetrators of 9/11 are being sought rather assiduously, as they should
>be.  Do we want Bin Laden
>only because of the hit on the Pentagon, a military target, or do we want
>him and
>his cohorts because of the whole dastardly scenario?

Why we didn't do that back then is a good question.  But consider the
following: not all of the individuals would have been identified or found
immediately after the war.  This would have meant tracking people down for
years, possibly throughout the world.  Do we attempt to find them at all
cost?  Do we ignore other nations sovereignty in the process of capturing
them?  And what is the impact of dragging this out over decades?
>> There comes a time when the desire for redress of the past needs to
>    When is it appropriate to say that bygones are bygones in this matter?

Not easy to determine.  How about when all the original participants are
dead? or bedridden?
>> And thankfully, for the most part, our country
>> and culture have allowed us to move on instead of dwelling destructively
>> on the past.
>       Moving on is best done, after the business of justice has been
>addressed.  Sweeping issues under the rug may be convenient or
>profitable, but it at best it's a
>temporary tactic.

I did not mean to imply sweeping issues under the rug.  Today, like WWII,
we need to defend ourselves and remove the threat.
>> How we are able to ally with countries we fought a bitter
>> war with 60 years ago compared to other people who still fester over
>> events a millennium ago, is the very reason we are not wallowing in
>> poverty and they are.
>    Well, I wouldn't want to discount the value of prosperity.  However,
>you believe prosperity is bought by letting scoundrels go?

How does one obtain prosperity when revenge takes precedence over
improving one's own circumstance?  Going after criminals is one thing,
carrying ill will for decades and teaching your children to harbor those
feelings is another.
>> There is very little to gain at this point, but
>> satisfaction.I have a real issue with this need for justice or revenge.
> I
>> see it as a
>> great failing of modern Islam or of the many groups who wish to dig up
>> past.
>    I suppose there is an aspect of revenge in all justice.  Even in the
>cosmic versions of Karmic Law, people eventually have to pony up.
>> I see the attitude of various people such as Palestinians, and
>> parents who are selling their children's future so they can fulfill
>> own destructive desires.  It is best if we don't adopt such attitudes.
>    This is quite a stretch - to equate a question about justice to
>Palestinian terrorists selling their children's future.

Justice is one thing.  Sending your 8 year old out to throw rocks and
participate in riots is another.  Teaching them in school that the number
one cause in their lives should be the elimination of Jews.  Changing
history and geography taught to children (e.g. - not identifying Israel on
a map).  Don't tell me suicide bombers are genetic- their created by their

Fostering the continuation of this brings instability.  And you simply
won't see prosperity in an unstable region.  There is no reason why the
occupied territories can't be a prosperous as the rest of Israel, except
for the fact of the presence of violence and the likelihood of more in the

But they are not alone.  Israel to a lesser degree is the same.  I also
see the same destructive attitude with certain minority groups within this

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