Parents Who Never Said "No"...

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Fri Dec 14 15:29:40 MST 2001

>This is a typical, "blame-the-parents" diatribe.  On the other side, we
>hear of kids who go wrong because they were disciplined.  Maybe Manson
>went bad because his mother was a prostitute.  But then so was Louis
>Armstrong's mother.  What happened?   Jacoby is playing a simplified
>version of the blame game.  It's just much more complicated than he

While there are no guarantees, how can one discount a persons upbringing
as being extremely important to the outcome?  Just because kids don't turn
out like this 100% of the time is not sufficient to deny the fact.  Even
having drug addicted screwed up parents doesn't result in screwed up kids
everytime, but it certainly ups the odds significantly.

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