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Sat Dec 15 11:42:16 MST 2001

Gary Freitag wrote:

> Why we didn't do that back then is a good question.  But consider the
> following: not all of the individuals would have been identified or found
> immediately after the war.  This would have meant tracking people down for
> years, possibly throughout the world.  Do we attempt to find them at all
> cost?  Do we ignore other nations sovereignty in the process of capturing
> them?  And what is the impact of dragging this out over decades?

    Jews are still tracking Nazis with some success.

> >    When is it appropriate to say that bygones are bygones in this matter?
> Not easy to determine.  How about when all the original participants are
> dead? or bedridden?

    :-) OK.  But some like to travel still to Hawaii it seems.

> I did not mean to imply sweeping issues under the rug.  Today, like WWII,
> we need to defend ourselves and remove the threat.

    Defense is of utmost importance.  Bringing perpetrators to justice is also
a high priority.

> How does one obtain prosperity when revenge takes precedence over
> improving one's own circumstance?  Going after criminals is one thing,
> carrying ill will for decades and teaching your children to harbor those
> feelings is another.

    Apparently this is a complex issue.  NBC showed a family in which one son
is a radical, one is a policeman, another  is in politics.  They are members
of one family, each taking rather different and conflicting paths.

> Justice is one thing.  Sending your 8 year old out to throw rocks and
> participate in riots is another.  Teaching them in school that the number
> one cause in their lives should be the elimination of Jews.  Changing
> history and geography taught to children (e.g. - not identifying Israel on
> a map).  Don't tell me suicide bombers are genetic- their created by their
> upbringing.
> Fostering the continuation of this brings instability.  And you simply
> won't see prosperity in an unstable region.  There is no reason why the
> occupied territories can't be a prosperous as the rest of Israel, except
> for the fact of the presence of violence and the likelihood of more in the
> future.
> But they are not alone.  Israel to a lesser degree is the same.  I also
> see the same destructive attitude with certain minority groups within this
> country.

    All good points. Solving this ancient dispute is out of my league.


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