Parents Who Never Said "No"...

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Dec 15 16:54:45 MST 2001

>Gary Freitag wrote:
> > While there are no guarantees, how can one discount a persons upbringing
> > as being extremely important to the outcome?  Just because kids don't turn
> > out like this 100% of the time is not sufficient to deny the fact.  Even
> > having drug addicted screwed up parents doesn't result in screwed up kids
> > everytime, but it certainly ups the odds significantly.

At 06:26 PM 12/15/2001 +0000, wbwhite wrote:

>    I am neither discounting nor predicting at 100% odds. I'm saying
> Jacoby is oversimplifying the role of the parents, whatever it really
> was, that led to Walker's sitting in a holding tank in Afghanistan.
> Jacoby blames overpermissiveness (are we to assume Walker's parents are
> alone is some version of this?). The result one young fellow, who looks
> (on its face) to be a traitor. I expect, and usually get, better analysis
> from Jacoby.

         With all due respect, Bill, I really don't think Jacoby is too far
off the mark, actually. Well, maybe "not saying 'no' " is a tad
oversimplified. However, I'm willing to bet the rent that Johnny Walker's
parents never took all the appropriate steps to instill their child with
quality values - and if that's sounds like a left-handed endorsement of
"brain-washing", it needn't be. However, most liberals would also jump on
that bandwagon (not to infer anything, here, mind you). Alot of parents are
extremely touchy about what is and isn't proper when raising kids. Having
already raised two (raising a third, currently) of my own children, I have
no qualms about making sure that my children are exposed to the kids of
values that my wife and I feel will serve them well through life. We made
sure we knew what they were up to, with whom they were hanging out, and so
forth. Let's face it, someone will leave a lasting impression on your
children (truism) and it might as well be YOU!

John A. Quayle
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