Santa Claus & Christmas Are Insensitive!

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Mon Dec 17 22:55:12 MST 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001 20:15:53 -0600 Richard A Whitenight
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I am sick and tired of the Political Correctness (PC) worshippers out
there.  I am tired of the 2% of the population who ruin everything for
the other 98%.  The reason our society has gone down the crapper over the
last three decades or so, is due to those in our society who just can not
live with the fact that the majority of our population have a LIFE.  It's
insensitive to say, "Merry Christmas!"  The PC'ers would prefer you to
say "Have a happy winter holiday!"  It's insensitive to put an angel on
the top of your Christmas tree.  But wait, we need to call that
particular icon (Christmas tree) something else, such as "holiday tree".
There are schools on the East Coast who wish to control what is PC, with
regards to school projects at this time of the year.  It's not PC to use
"candy canes" in your project, or to use red and green paint, because it
refers to a religious time of the season, thinking it would be
insensitive to those who do not recognize a Christmas.  A city councilman
in a suburb of Seattle, WA, attempted to have a resolution passed making
it illegal to say, "Merry Christmas".  Certain large corporations are
trying to get their employees to say, "Merry Winter Holiday," or
something similar.

I think the problem would be solved if the 98% would just ignore the
"IDIOT" 2%.  If my enjoying Christmas disturbs them they are welcome to
"Kiss my A**.

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