Have you ever ...

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Thu Dec 27 20:56:28 MST 2001

At 05:21 PM 12/27/01 -0600, Richard wrote:
>... had one of those days at work, where it just seems like everything is
>dragging you down and making you sleepier than you came in to work as?
>This was a "transcription from hell" day.  It seemed like every police
>officer that I transcribed for today was dumber than ca ca, could not put
>two words together to form a sentence or was flat out stupid when it came
>to English composition.  Hell, these people start out at approximately
>$31,000 salary as a rookie and have a college degree!  From my viewpoint,
>as education is concerned, they are being grossly overpaid <grin>.  Every
>so often, I need a day when there's blood, cuts, shots being fired; in
>other words a normal day in society.  Vandalism and vehicle burglaries
>just put me to sleep :-)  Hope you had a better day?

I understand.  I got fired from one of my jobs today.  My boss who fired me
said I wasn't doing my job as well as I should have.  This same unDUHvidual
is the company's network administrator.  Let me tell you what happened week
before last.

Someone hacked the linux box they use as the firewall between the company
lan and the internet.  Behind the firewall there is an NT4 server which is
the company's main file server which they named Exodus.  There are other
servers used for testing purposes, but Exodus is the one that
matters.  When the hack of the linux box was discovered, the boss shut it
down.  In an effort to quickly restore our internet access, he bypasses the
linux box and connects Exodus directly to the internet.  This was on a Tuesday.

Friday morning we realized that the boss had made a mistake the previous
Tuesday.  He had failed to install the various patches on Exodus that
Microsoft had released so that network administrators would be able to keep
the hackers out.  Friday morning nobody was able to log in to the
network.  Why might you ask.  Sometime Thursday night, Exodus got hacked
and was used as a warez server.  We couldn't log in because the disk space
on the server was full of pirated software.

Maybe I did something wrong and maybe I didn't, but at least I wasn't
stupid enough to connect an unprotected NT server to the internet.

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