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wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Fri Dec 28 06:25:57 MST 2001

Your boss sounds a lot like Slick.  Others take the fall for his screw-ups.


Jim wrote:

> At 05:21 PM 12/27/01 -0600, Richard wrote:
> >... had one of those days at work, where it just seems like everything is
> >dragging you down and making you sleepier than you came in to work as?
> >This was a "transcription from hell" day.  It seemed like every police
> >officer that I transcribed for today was dumber than ca ca, could not put
> >two words together to form a sentence or was flat out stupid when it came
> >to English composition.  Hell, these people start out at approximately
> >$31,000 salary as a rookie and have a college degree!  From my viewpoint,
> >as education is concerned, they are being grossly overpaid <grin>.  Every
> >so often, I need a day when there's blood, cuts, shots being fired; in
> >other words a normal day in society.  Vandalism and vehicle burglaries
> >just put me to sleep :-)  Hope you had a better day?
> >
> >Richard
> I understand.  I got fired from one of my jobs today.  My boss who fired me
> said I wasn't doing my job as well as I should have.  This same unDUHvidual
> is the company's network administrator.  Let me tell you what happened week
> before last.
> Someone hacked the linux box they use as the firewall between the company
> lan and the internet.  Behind the firewall there is an NT4 server which is
> the company's main file server which they named Exodus.  There are other
> servers used for testing purposes, but Exodus is the one that
> matters.  When the hack of the linux box was discovered, the boss shut it
> down.  In an effort to quickly restore our internet access, he bypasses the
> linux box and connects Exodus directly to the internet.  This was on a Tuesday.
> Friday morning we realized that the boss had made a mistake the previous
> Tuesday.  He had failed to install the various patches on Exodus that
> Microsoft had released so that network administrators would be able to keep
> the hackers out.  Friday morning nobody was able to log in to the
> network.  Why might you ask.  Sometime Thursday night, Exodus got hacked
> and was used as a warez server.  We couldn't log in because the disk space
> on the server was full of pirated software.
> Maybe I did something wrong and maybe I didn't, but at least I wasn't
> stupid enough to connect an unprotected NT server to the internet.

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