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           November 25, 1996
          by William F.  Jasper

          On October 11th, U.S.  Deputy Attorney General Jamie S.
     Gorelick  appeared before the Council on Foreign  Relations'
     Policy  Impact  Panel on Terrorism to  outline  the  Clinton
     Administration's  record on combating terrorism.   According
     to  Ms.   Gorelick, the Clinton  terrorism  policy  involves
     these three core elements:

     *    To  do "everything we can to deter and to prevent  ter-
          rorist acts."

     *    To "respond quickly, decisively, and with a full  range
          of  law enforcement and other options that  are  avail-

     *    To "work with our friends around the world to interdict
          terrorists  and  to assure that they do  not  go  unpu-
          nished."  As  with President Clinton's  September  24th
          warning  to drug traffickers and terrorists  that  "you
          have no place to run, you have no place to hide," Gore-
          lick's  election-year  boilerplate  is  not  likely  to
          strike  mortal fear into the hearts of terrorists  any-
          where.   Likewise,  Clinton's September speech  to  the
          United  Nations declaring "zero tolerance  for  aggres-
          sion,  terrorism, and lawless behavior" must  have  set
          new highs on global laugh meters.  Let us consider  the
          real Clinton record on terrorism and national security.

          Administration Appointments While the problem of secur-
          ity  risks occupying sensitive government positions  is
          not  unique to this Administration,  President  Clinton
          has set a record for recruiting hardcore radicals  from
          Marxist  outfits such as the terrorist-friendly  Insti-
          tute  for Policy Studies.  Undoubtedly the full  extent
          of  this  scandal will prove to be far worse  than  the
          already frightening facts of which we are aware.   Most
          of  the subversive iceberg remains hidden  because  Mr.
          Clinton has not conducted the required security  checks
          on  many  of his appointees.  Among  the  most  visibly
          dangerous of the Clinton appointments are:

     *    Warren Christopher (CFR).  According to this  Secretary
          of State, "rogue states" such as Libya, Iraq, and  Iran
          are  beyond the pale.  But terror regimes such as  Rus-
          sia,  China,  Syria,  South  Africa,  Angola,  Vietnam,
          Georgia,  Armenia,  North Korea,  Ukraine,  Uzbekistan,
          etc., are worthy of lavish largesse under the rubric of

     *    Anthony  Lake (CFR).  A longtime associate of the  IPS,
          Lake  was  involved with Gelb,  Halperin,  Warnke,  and
          Ellsberg  in the Pentagon Papers leak.  He also  worked
          at the IPS' Center for International Policy with Orlan-
          do  Letelier, the Chilean communist and Cuban DGI  agen
          just  the  sort of pedigree one might  expect  for  Mr.
          Clinton's Assistant for National Security Affairs.

     *    Strobe  Talbott  (CFR).  One of Bill  Clinton's  Oxford
          roommates and fellow pilgrims to Russia, Talbott trans-
          lated Khrushchev's memoirs into a glowing English hagi-
          ography for Time magazine in 1970  with roommate  Clin-
          tons help.  That first exercise in Soviet propaganda no
          doubt  served  well in preparing them  both  for  their
          present roles.  In a July 20, 1992 Time essay  entitled
          "The  Birth of the Global Nation," Talbott  wrote  that
          the time is quickly approaching in which "nationhood as
          we know it will be obsolete; all states will  recognize
          a single, global authority.  A phrase briefly  fashion-
          able  in  the mid-20th-century "citizen of  the  world'
          will have assumed real meaning...."

     *    Derek  Shearer.   Shearer is a founder of  the  radical
          Campaign for Economic Democracy and one of the IPS net-
          work's leading apostles for the subversive theories  of
          Italian  Communist  Party strategist  Antonio  Gramsci.
          One of his major claims to fame was the  popularization
          of  "economic democracy" as a replacement term for  the
          "s"  word:  socialism.  Such  creative  subtlety  first
          earned Shearer a slot as economic adviser to the  Clin-
          ton  campaign  and then an ambassadorship  to  Denmark,
          where he is undoubtedly happy as a clam living next  to
          Mother Russia.

     *    Robert  Borosage.   An  IPS director  who  traveled  to
          Nicaragua and praised the Sandinista communists,  Boro-
          sage  also was co-director with Morton Halperin of  the
          IPS'  Center for National Security Studies in its  sub-
          versive  attacks on police, the FBI, the CIA, and  con-
          gressional  investigative bodies.  Admitting  that  the
          IPS  intended  to "move the Democratic  Party's  debate
          internally  to the left by creating an invisible  pres-
          ence  in the party," Borosage became a  foreign  policy
          adviser to Jesse Jackson and then senior policy adviser
          to Mr.  Clinton.

          Globalist Advance With assistance and counsel from  CFR
          elites in key White House positions, the Clinton Admin-
          istration  has  openly embraced and  helped  legitimize
          some of the most blatant terrorist nations and  groups,

     *    Syria.   This  totalitarian dictatorship has  been  for
          many  years one of the most dangerous villains  on  the
          U.S.   State  Department's list of nations  engaged  in
          state  sponsored  terrorism.  Damascus is  a  veritable
          Terrorists-R-Us  bazaar, providing permanent  residence
          to dozens of murderous groups with thousands of fanatic
          assassins.   Fronting for the Soviets, Hafez Assad  and
          his  Al-Kassar  crime network made  Syria  the  premier
          narcotics  trader  in the Middle  East.  Damascus  also
          possesses  a  major  chemical  and  biological  weapons
          arsenal, which Washington conveniently overlooks,  even
          though it makes a point of nailing less favored regimes
          on the same issue.  No matter, the Clinton  Administra-
          tion  insists  that  Assad must be part  of  the  phony

          "peace  process" and has shamelessly  courted  Damascus
          with  over 30 excursions by Warren Christopher to  this
          ruthless, two-bit narco-terrorist prison-state.

     *    Iran.   While  continuing the illegal UN  arms  embargo
          against  Bosnia,  the  Administration  gave  its  tacit
          approval  to Iran's secret arms shipments to  Sarajevo,
          thus  guaranteeing that Teheran's  virulent,  anti-U.S.
          influence  would infect Bosnia's Muslims.  At the  same
          time, it has done nothing to stop Russia and China from
          providing  Iran  with  nuclear reactors.   Nor  has  it
          attempted  to  halt Beijing's delivery  of  poison  gas
          facilities, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles  to
          Iran,  or  stop "ally" Syria  from  collaborating  with
          North Korea on new missile development.

     *    Northern  Ireland.   President Clinton  has  repeatedly
          welcomed  the Irish Republican Army's Sinn Fein  leader
          Gerry  Adams to the U.S.  and to the White House,  even
          as the IRA has stepped up its terror bombings and riots
          in  Ireland  and England.  Britain's MI5  and  MI6  and
          other Western intelligence agencies have been  tracking
          the  travels  of IRA terrorists to Iran and  Libya  for
          years and the smuggling back to Britain and Ireland  of
          drugs,  arms,  and explosives by  IRA  operatives.   In
          November  1993,  IRA bosses flew to  a  secret  Teheran
          summit  featuring terrorist leaders from all  over  the
          world  which was a springboard for a new global  offen-
          sive.  While Adams did not attend that convocation,  he
          has  been  to  Teheran as an honored  guest  of  Iran's
          terror regime.

     *    Russia.   Despite the fact that the Soviet KGB and  GRU
          have  been for decades the premiere trainers  and  sup-
          porters  of  terrorist  organizations  worldwide,   the
          Clinton  coterie  and its media allies  perpetuate  the
          fatal  fantasy that Moscow has gone out of  the  terror
          business.   In recent months, Russian Foreign  Minister
          and  KGB veteran Yevgeny Primakov has been  making  the
          rounds  of  the pariah states, cementing  old  ties  he
          developed decades ago as the Kremlin's Mideast  terror-
          ist paymaster.  Mr.  Clinton has romanced and  endorsed
          Yeltsin  in  spite of revelations that members  of  his
          government armed and trained the Aum Shinrikyo cult for
          its deadly sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

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