too dumb to flip burgers? get a job at the airport

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Mon Dec 31 02:22:14 MST 2001

I picked up a paper Sunday morning.  One of the headlines on the front page
said the Federales have removed the requirements that the federal airport
security screeners have a high school diploma and pass a test.  Isn't this
great?  This means that we'll get rid of the foreigners working those posts
who know what the hell they're doing and keeping the domestic brain dead
fools who are too damm stupid to flip burgers at McDonald's.

Think what's going to happen when these idiots are federal
employees.  First off it's damm near impossible to fire a federal
employee.  Second, we all know how they go off on their little power
trips.  These mindless drones have been fed the liberals' class envy
propaganda all their lives.  Think what will happen when one of them
decides that your suit looks a little too nice or your jewelry looks a
little too expensive.  If they just decide they don't like you, they'll
have the power to have you sent off to be strip searched.

I may have to go to Kentucky for a funeral in a few months.  I will not be
in a frame of mind where I'll be able to deal with these assholes.  I'll
drive there.

One more thing.  Everyone at the airports is so damm jittery that when some
guy forgets something and goes back to get it, they shut down the whole
damm airport for three or four hours.  The friggin terrorists don't have to
set off a bomb to screw up air travel in this country.  If they wanted to
shut down air travel in this country all they'd have to do is have one guy
at each airport in the country.  At a predetermined time they would all go
through the checkpoints then five or ten minutes after they made it
through, run back past the checkpoint to get the football they left
someplace.  Everyone would panic and they'd make everyone in the building
go past the burger flippers one more time.  Imagine the delays.  Imagine
how few flights would actually get off the ground that day.

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