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Fri Feb 2 17:33:01 MST 2001

I became semi-livid this morning as I heard the perky Katie Couric tell
about President Bush "beginning the healing" after the bitter, divisive
debate over Ashcroft by inviting Democratic congressmen to the White
House today. Excuse me, Katie, but *who* was divisive and bitter?!? How
does one "heal" the knife that inflicts the wound?

I find myself loathing more and more the liberal press who chooses to
deify perverts and villify good people. Even just the less-than-subtle
word choices ... eg. "pranks" instead of vandalism drive me up the wall!

Grr-r-r-r-r! Sorry, I just needed to rant! As I go back into lurkdom....

Hooray for George W. (if he can get it all done inspite of a hostile
media) ! So far he seems to be Reaganesque in his ability to work around
the press in getting out his own message.

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