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Fri Feb 2 20:22:00 MST 2001

          Eight score and four years ago, our forefathers brought
     forth on this land a new nation.  This new nation was  dedi-
     cated  to liberty for the individual, freedom  from  tyranny
     and  protection  of those blessed birthrights that  are  the
     legacy  of a beneficent and omnipotent Creator.  We as  weak
     and  fallen  men and women, have since allowed  this  sacred
     gift  to  slip away from us through graft,  trickery  and  a
     profound  lack of eternal vigilance.  It has thus fallen  on
     this generation to secure again the blessings of freedom for
     our progeny.  We, the people of Texas must make every effort
     to  correct  the mistakes of the past.  We  must  consecrate
     these  efforts to the Creator in hope that He may  bless  us
     with the strength and the courage necessary to carry on  the
     eternal fight.

          We  have long suffered the theft of our  industry,  the
     unforgivable actions of a tyrannical federal government  and
     the  undermining of our sacred rights.  Texas  has  seceded,
     only  to be captured.  Texas has written its Declaration  of
     Independence,  only  to be ignored.  Her people  have  peti-
     tioned their grievances, only to be ridiculed, murdered  and
     jailed.   It is finally incumbent on a free people to  sepa-
     rate from captivity as our progenitors did twice before  us.
     No longer will we stand idle!

          To this end, the Provisional Government of the Republic
     of  Texas  has  taken the step of securing  and  building  a
     Provisional  Capitol.  In an act that we pray  will  survive
     the  judgement  of the Almighty and the test  of  time,  the
     General Council prays that the establishment of a new  capi-
     tol  will inspire and motivate our great people.  It  is  at
     this  capitol that we will initiate our stand to  once  more
     free  Texas from another captor, which like all  captors  we
     have  faced in history, seeks to impoverish and enslave  our

          The  General Council is deeply mindful of the  signifi-
     cance  and  the gravity of this event.  In this  one  event,
     Texas  will  firmly establish its pre-eminent  role  in  the
     multitudinous  efforts  to  free peoples  and  nations  from
     tyranny  and  oppression.  For this reason,  we  invite  all
     people,  citizen and non-citizen alike, to attend the  sanc-
     tioning  ceremony  on  the capitol  grounds  outside  Cuero,
     DeWitt  County.   The ceremony will commence at 1  p.m.,  on
     December 16, 2000.  We ask that all attendees be mindful  of
     the solemnity of this occasion.

          We  are asking for volunteers and donations to help  us
     build  this  capitol into the shining hope for  liberty  and
     freedom  that it will be.  Donations of money and  equipment
     are deeply appreciated.  Just as important is the labor  and
     skills  of volunteer Texians as we embark on this  construc-
     tion  project.   Until  such time as we have  won  back  our
     rightful  place in that magnificent building in Austin,  the
     Provisional Capitol will be our political and spiritual home
     in our fight for justice and sovereignty.

          Anyone  needing detailed directions to the capitol  can
     visit  the Republic's website at,
     or  call toll-free 877-RTX-INFO, for more information.    We
     members of the General Council look forward to sharing  this
     momentous event with lovers of freedom everywhere.   Foreign
     delegations  are encouraged and welcome and  should  contact
     Secretary   of   State   Bernard   Grover   via   email   at
     secstate at,  or by the  above  telephone
     number, to make arrangements.

            God save the Republic!

          Daniel Miller
          President, Republic of Texas
          president at


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