prayer in the schools

John blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Feb 5 00:29:52 MST 2001

At 11:33 PM 2/4/01 -0700, Jim wrote:
>I don't understand what all the hubub is about prayer in the schools.  The
>people on both sides of the issue assume that the prayers will be
>christian prayers.

         Good point, Jim.......

>The Jerry Fallwell crowd wants prayer in the schools assuming that the
>teachers will be christian and they'll lead their classes in christian
>prayers. The peole on the other side of the issue argue that they don't
>want their kids exposed to a christian prayer.

         Right......don't forget that there are different versions of some
fairly common prayers, too, that certain sects recite, while others do not.

>How does the Jerry Fallwell crowd know that it won't be jew or a moslem
>that would lead the class in a prayer?

         Good question.......when I started school "BMMO" (before Madelyn
Murray O'Hair), we were read to from the Bible every morning. Yes, there
were Jews, Catholics and Protestants all present. None that I know of, grew
up to be a violent killer, or rapist because of these faith differences
being violated.

>Maybe it would be best if the schools continue to not lead the classes in
>prayer, but let each kid pray as he/she wants to.

         That's a workable solution......

>  One more thing. If parents want their kids to learn a particular
> religion, shouldn't they take the responsibility themselves to teach it
> to their kids instead of relying on the school to do it?

         Without question!

         Good post, Jim......

John Q.
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