prayer in the schools

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Mon Feb 5 02:24:22 MST 2001

I remember when I was in High School that my Grandmother and her friends
(Southern Baptists all of them) would talk every so often about how they
would like to see prayer in the schools again.  One day I told them that
we pray in school all the time.  They seemed surprised at this until I
said that we pray before every test or when we're given a particularly
difficult homework assignment.

They didn't like that and I was told to go outside.

Last year I bumped into the man who was the preacher at my Grandma's
church back in the mid 80s.  After we each did the customary greetings and
asked how the other one was doing; I couldn't help but have a bit of fun
with him.  I said "So, I hear you voted for Clinton twice."  He didn't
like that any better than what I said to him and Grandma 15 years ago.

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