Is it Politically Uncorrect ...

MC Spearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Tue Feb 6 17:45:17 MST 2001

Okay now lookee here. I was red with humiliation and
in a generally black mood about it. My wife thought it
was another woman and was green with jealousy, and
that made me too yellow to confront her. No longer in
the pink of mental health, I spent the day feeling
blue about the depths of despair I'd sunk to, and now
you, YOU, bring this purple prose back to life Mr.
Putnam. What are you? Some kind of Brown Shirt? The
pucker factor from seeing the chromatic issue heaved
up once more struck me so hard that now I have
sepia-cordovan marks in my off-white dainties. Well, I
hope you're happy.


--- Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
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> At 10:44 PM 2/5/2001 -0800, you wrote:
> >Thomas, you have it exactly backwards. Black is all
> >spectra, not white. Don't believe it? mix the
> primary
> >colors together and see what you get.
> Depends on whether you are talking about pigments or
> light. Black is the
> absence of all colors of light while white is the
> presence of all colors of
> light. Pigments are just the opposite because the
> color is defined by the
> light reflected. Black pigment absorbs all light
> (i.e. it reflects no
> colors) while white (BTW when I am white I am
> considered gravely ill)
> absorbs no light (i.e. it reflects all colors).
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